Engine / tranny rattle gettin scary

Hey guys / gals, my 2000 targa lx only has about 800 km on it and it's really rattling bad now. I posted something about this a few months ago when i was around 500 km.

I removed the right side cover last night to see if there was anything obvious, but i couldn't determine anything. Clutches, springs, etc looked fine, and there was no excess metal in the oil when i drained it.

So, I'm wanting to pinpoint the problemif possible and fix it myself rather than mess with the dealer and whatnot cuz I need the transportation. Anyways, I was wondering if anyone has ever started the engine with the clutches removed...I put the nut back on the crankshaft and was trying to turn it with a ratchet fast enuff to start it, but no go. I didn't really notice whether the engine tirned clockwise or ccw from the perspective of the right side. I was thinking of putting a socket on the nut and spin it with a drill to try to start the engine. If the rattling continues, then it's probly the connecting rod on the crank end. I checked the piston end a while back already.

Anyways, if any of you guru's have any ideas, I'd greatly appreciate them.


Re: Engine / tranny rattle gettin scary

Once you determine the direction of rotation,you can use a drill to spin it,but you don't want the socket to be a new, tight-fitting one.Also,a little grease on the bolt head will help the socket to get clear once the motor fires.I don't know the TOMOS too well, but could it be the starter dogs getting loose or a spring broken? These Gurus will help you I'm sure.BYE!Oh,and it's better to use a 12-point socket ,`cause they slip off better.I used to have to start stubborn 6 and 8 hp.trowel machine engines this way.

Re: Engine / tranny rattle gettin scary

what do u mean by rattle... explain in complete detail and i will figure the prob out

Re: Engine / tranny rattle gettin scary

Reeperette /

There's a piece in there, which is fairly hard to describe...that might be loose or damaged, possibly either the U-clip or the "L-thingie" as I calls it.

Chris might be able to explain that one better.

Was I you..I would buy some fluid, and two new gaskets (in case you tear the first one trying to put it in) and take the damn thing apart....it's not really as complicated as you think it would be.


Re: Engine / tranny rattle gettin scary

I realize this is an obvious question but I thought I

Re: Engine / tranny rattle gettin scary

Well, I took the clutches off the crankshaft and fired the engine up with a drill and socket...it's the engine that's making the rattle. My brother says that's normal for a 2-cycle...i love my brother to death, but he doesn't have to depend on my moped to get his ass to work and such. I do know that the rattling didn't start til about 500 miles and now at 800, it's definitely worse.

I agree with reeper about tearing the bitch down, but i'm in the boonies, and it'd take weeks to get gaskets to do such. Besides that, the damn thing is brand new and i shouldn't have to be working on it at all, let alone having to buy parts for it. But, that's my luck, i get the lemon every time, be it a woman, car, or moped.

I've had fair luck so far with the gaskets staying in one piece, maybe I'll just tear the bitch down this weekend and see if anything's workin loose or whatnot. Anyways, thank you guys for all the suggestions. I wish I could find some people here to go cruise with, it's nice by myself, but it'd be great to have some company from time to time. Damn me for growing up in hickville.

Thanks heaps,


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