How to make it go faster

I have a 1983 General 5-Star Moped. I want it to hit like 45, but yet not get rid of any of the original stuff on it. Is there any way i can do that?

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SteelToad /

Are there any really steep hills in your area ? :-)

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Hi! If it's running a strong 35mph you may only need a sprocket change at the engine.This usually will not require a chain link addition or a new chain.But if it's hilly,I'd advise against it until you power up with a speed kit or muffler and jet modification.Somebody else will weigh in on this I'm sure.BYE!

Re: How to make it go faster

You want it to go faster ...but not change it ??

If you ride it off a cliff it will go between 120 and 200MPH... for sure, for sure.

Re: How to make it go faster

Don, it only runs like 30, but I hit forty test driving it and now it won't hit it. So do you think a sproket change will still work?

Re: How to make it go faster

Well, it sounds like you're suffering a power robbing condition of some kind.It would have to be reaching thirty quickly and be pretty well wound out before a sprocket change will help.Mopeds are only 50cc you know,so even just a brake shoe dragging or brake cable sticking will kill your performance.If you don't have power ,go back thru Fred's guide on `How to fix your moped ' again because you must have overlooked something.BYE!

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