Re: Spree wont run right...fixed.. thanks

Dave in Naples /

Thanks for all the great suggestions folks. It wasn't the clutch slipping (already changed that before). I think the fuel problem was pretty close, ie. the bowl was emptying faster than the pet cock or tank could refill it, but the problem wasn't consistent, sometimes it "died" and other times ran fine........hmmmmm. not indicative of a what was it ????????? It was a faulty coil (no points here). When the coil got hot, it would start failing, so I would lose spark, Then it would start working again.......suddenly now I've got power. The engine wouldn't restart after 1/2 hour of riding, again overheated coil. I was almost at the end of my rope !!!

New coil $45USD. Now she runs like a top.........35mph and I've got bugs on my teeth. (from smiling).

Thanks for the help everybody.

Re: Spree wont run right...fixed.. thanks

Everybody says coil failures are rare,so no wonder it was so hard to solve! Glad you beat `MURPHY's LAW' ! BYE!

Re: Spree wont run right...fixed.. thanks

Yes... But you said that it happened MORE in the first 20 minutes of riding... which is the opposite of what electrical components do when they are failing.

Now you say it happened when it got hot.

Seems like the total opposite of what you said the first time.

At least you've got it fixed now.

Re: Spree wont run right...fixed.. thanks

Hi,Dave! Fred's right on that first 20 min. thing.It really threw us off .That's an odd coil ain't it Fred? But strange things do happen! I remember one time years ago I bought three sets of points in a row until I got a set that would register the proper dwell reading at near the specified gap.Man,was that frustrating! And these were quality manufactured BORG-WARNERS that had always served me great in the past.It never happened to me again.Oh ,Listen! I just remembered how I got the point drove home to me about how coils fail with heat.I was a 15 yr. old kid and my older brother was a race car dirt track driver at 18 yrs. old.We had had enough of that old Walnut tree being filled with yellow jackets,so Dan told me to get the old 5 horse rider going,```````````i'm smokin `em out' he says.Well I always trusted big brother.He'd always steered me right,even if it hurt a little when he did the steering,if you know what I mean?So we stuck some oil in the gas(4-cycle Clinton)and put a long hose on that rascal(but not long enough!) and fired her up! We were gettin' the best of hundreds of those nasty -tempered little buggers for about 10 minutes in the hot sun.Dan,being the smartest of the two,had repaired to the house and was watchin' me stand there just brimmin' with pride and satisfaction.Well,Dan had warned me about the coil but bein' 15 and pretty thoughtless I paid no heed.That mower ka-chugged and QUIT ! Took me about three fruitless pulls of the rope to realize WE HADN"T NEAR KILLED `EM ALL.THEY GOT THEIR REVENGE ON LITTLE BROTHER WHILE BIG BROTHER GUFFAWED HIS HEAD OFF! i NEVER FORGOT THE SYMPTOMS OF COIL FAILURE AFTER THAT,LET ME TELL `YA ! You know,I also found out that there isn't one milligram of mercy in a yellow jacket's heart.And I won't forget that either! See ya!

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