Helloe everie bodies! me here now..

Mr.Hayusodumb /

why you no is inbite Mr.H to you BBQ? me make verrie speshal chikken-fly-lice fo you moped peoples. My is boss Mr. Big Holywood producer, says he like to drive he new Ducakie 916 to you BBQ but you no is invite.

Re: Helloe everie bodies! me here now..

i don't mind the flaming against mopeds as much as i hate the deliberately stereotypical "asian" tone of typing. the "parody" is a very thinly veiled racist insult. all you prove is what a fucking biggot you are. enjoy your swastica and burning crosses.

Re: Helloe everie bodies! me here now..

somebody give me this assholes name.

pleese no be mad Migeul

Me so sorrie you tink me is foget bout you, me was goings to brin re-fly-beans fo you at moped BBQ.

Re: Helloe everie bodies! me here now..

Reeperette /

You were invited...by me, no less, and more than once.

You just didn't have the balls to show up, and in fact I mentioned my disappointment about that while I was there.

So shut up, fuckhead.


Re: Helloe everie bodies! me here now..

chingate cabron! & vous et un tete de merde

Reeperette you sista of smurfette?

He he he you small an blu, verrie verrie funnie/make Mr.H laff! but me tinks you need someting mo fast if you is want gettin way from Gargamel an Asriel! moped too slow it haf small "pp". Bye my friens!

Re: Helloe everie bodies! me here now..

Mr.H you act like a stupidass 6 year old. Why dont wait till somone drops some Change, Go to a pay phone, & call somone who cares. I didnt make it to the bbq, but I wish I would have gotten to see what would have happened if you would have went. You guys would have probly Swarmed & Destroyed him~!!!

Re: Helloe everie bodies! me here now..

Oh yeah somone should Post His ip address, name etc. on here. I know alot of people that could do some fun shit with that kind of info.

Re: Helloe everie bodies! me here now..

i'll ask simon to get on it.

Re: Helloe everie bodies! me here now..

Thanks Miguel!!!


Re: Helloe everie bodies! me here now..

He, he... GPF blue screens forever. Ping dat dumbass to Pluto and beyond!


Re: Helloe everie bodies! me here now..

HELL YEAH sounds like an Idea!

Actually Not.

Reeperette /

>>You guys would have probly Swarmed & Destroyed him~!!!<<

Nope....he's mine, alone - I got first dibs if he ever shows his face.

ICMP/OOB him all you wish, I just wanna break him around the edges personally, is all.

Damn shame he didn't have the balls to show up for BBQ 4, not like the information on where it was and how to get there was made unavailable to him.

Not like I did not repeatedly invite him.

Frankly, I have a hard time taking this cowardly little piece of shit seriously, given that he cannot even come up with better material to taunt or troll with, than he does - of course, and the fact that he's posting from AOL, the "Training Wheels" of the Internet doesn't help his case at all.

Of course, if he wishes to debate his case in person at BBQ5, I will be sure to oblige him.....


Re: Actually Not.

Ree Kick his ass

Re: Helloe everie bodies! me here now..

Wayne Broderick /

Of course, the Flaming Troll wants you to do that.

Igore him, and req the admins delete his posts, so they can't even develop a thread.

If this clown is hassling MOPED sites, he's obviously got much larger issues.

He wants attention-- Probably a crack baby born near Chernobyl.


Re: Helloe everie bodies! me here now..

WifeBeater /

There is nothing wrong with Mr. H. He visites are board all the time.


There is nothing racist about his typing as typing can not have a race. From our understnading at our board he is Asian indeed. So are you picking on Mr. H because he can not type too good? The only reason I am here is because Mr. H posted on our site saying how mean you guys are treating him over here at a crappy moped site. I mean get real, and get a real bike. After all kids should not be on the road.


Just so there is no confusion

This "wife beater" fella seems to have the same ISP as I do.

"wife beater" is not me folks.

Though I will say this to "wife beater"... If you are in the Pontiac area (as I am)... why don't we meet so I can show you how "bad" your 250pp Ninja isn't?

I will bring any of several 250pp Ninja eating mosickles to your venue of choice.

Perhaps "bike night' in Royal Oak ?... Oh wait... you are scared to show your face on yer little pp sickle down there aren't you?

I work on and ride mopeds for fun... But I also have big bores sitting and waiting to smack boys like you.

Where we gonna meet widdo pp boy??

Re: Just so there is no confusion

i think it's funny that people w/ motorcycles (like harleys and other street bikes) have no problem w/ people on mopeds. sometimes they ride w/ us. they give us thumbs up. we just hung out w/ one last night. he was really cool.

it's only the guys w/ those plastic crotch rockets that seem to go out of their way to piss people off. the guy on the hog said the same thing. they're always trying to impress him or something like that.

i think crotch rocket is very appropriate as a term. it seems to suggest some sort of male overcompensation thing. real men ride for pleasure. i don't think my moped is "better" than a harley. it's not about being "better." of course a hog is faster. it has more than 50 times the engine displacement!

that's what i love about the semi-competitive nature of mopeds. racing a 1250cc motorcylce against a moped is stupid. the moped has 50cc. there's no question who will win. that doesn't make the crotch rocket "better" in any sense at all.

those of us who ride mopeds are trying to tune up our bikes. keeping them at 50cc ... and just making slight mods to get more and more hp and speed. how many guys in crotch rockets can do that? i know harley and other motorcycle riders (the real ones, not the yuppies that bought their bikes to match their porshe) can do the same. it's about seeing what you can get out of your bike. customizing it. making it yours.

my moped is mine, not because i bought it. it's mine because i lovingly take care of her. i fix her when she's down. i tune her up for the race. and i belong to my moped. she performs for me when i treat her well. it's a very symbionic relationship.

i remember a line from c.s. lewis talking about technology and how it doesn't necessarily make us better (as individuals). if you pay a man to carry you on his shoulders across a river, that doesn't make you stronger. that makes you weaker. same w/ motorcycles and mopeds and whatever else. if you have a crotch rocket that cost you thousands of dollars, that doesn't make you "better." can you take it apart and fix it? i could pay tons of money to have a professional fix my moped. and quickly. that doesn't make me a better mechanic than moped bill, who can do it all himself.

so finally, you wanna ride crotch rockets. be my guest. if it makes you feel better about your manhood. great. some of us need external validation. you wanna talk shit about mopeds. fine. do whatever you want. but in the end ... you know ... and i know that you know ... and you know that i know ... that you feel like a total shit for acting like you do.

i don't need to buy a $5000 phalic symbol to feel like a man.

Re: Just so there is no confusion

Your on, bring $100 dollars with you, oh who said I ride only a Ninja 250r? LOL So far I beat all 600cc race bikes, 900cc bikes and a few exotic cars. The Ninja 250R will do 0-60 in 5 seconds....my other bike is a Yamaha FZ1 and will do 0-60 in 2.9 seconds...LOL

Bring it on little boy, Maybe we should meet out in Milford by the GM proving grounds...the road is straight the money is big.


PS: Bike Night sucks in Royal Oak, to many wannabe racers

Re: Just so there is no confusion

Are you not feeling like a man to post such a long thread to explain yourself? Just wondering. Maybe you should have a look at the Ninja250.com forum and my own motorcycle club/forum www.yamahafz1.com, you will see we do not talk bad about any bikes. We will welcome all.

But for those that post they can take me I love bets and I am a betting man, we can do it just for shits and giggles or we can do it for some money any amount. No I am not rich, I just like to bet.

Again I welcome all to come to my forum, your all welcomed.


But don't jump to conclusions either Miguel

that all harley riders "like" mopeds.. or that all "crotch rocket" riders will put a moped down.

Definitely not the case... I garauntee you that a lot of Harley riders will laugh at peds.. (you just may not have met them)

Probably in the same proportion that crotchrocketeers will.

It is more or less a "people" thing... not a "bike style" of thing.

Hell.. Harley riders themselves make terrible fun of Harley riders riding the HD 883 model like as if it is a kids toy... and they belittle the guys who ride them.. happens all the time.

And motorcycles in general are a symbol of masculinity.. and that is partly how their owners regard them.. You yourself are proud of yourself for riding in less than perfect weather.. right?... same thing..different degrees maybe.

But you also want to do better in the next moped race don't you?

It is all part of the male competitive instinct.

And its all part of the motorcycle experience.

Hopefully you will never make fun of others because they may not have the same 'status' or material posessions... because it happens alllll the time in all parts of society and all parts of the world.

Most people judge each other all the time by how they look and what they've got.

Its just the way it is.

let there be no confusion

You beat 600's and 900's on a Ninja 250?.... Only if they were ridden by a cadaver.

I'll race your badass 250pp Ninja tomorrow in the quarter mile anywhere you want for $100.

Just name the place and time.

And if you actually have an FZ1... Why the hell are you guys coming over here to start trouble?

Re: let there be no confusion

fred, you're right. i didn't mean to make sweeping generalizations. i also have a competitive spirit. but it's also in commoraderie. we don't rip on each other for riding other brands of mopeds, styles, years, whatever. we even help each other out before the race to get everyone going as fast as they can. and i like motorcycles and people of all types, except for people who are meanspirited.

mark, i wouldn't race your bike because it would prove nothing. of course you'd beat me. i'd be an idiot not to think so. i only have 50cc. my moped tops out at 35mph. i'm also geared for top end, so i don't have much acceleration. your bike is clearly faster. you win. i declare you the winner right now. i could only beat you if you ran out of gas, fell of your bike before crossing the finish line, or spontaneously exploded. that's why races have criteria, right? to make the playing field more or less fair and make even-handed comparisons.

my moped might beat a horse (maybe). does that make a moped better than a horse for riding? of course not! horses are fun to ride. and there's no comparison. they're not the same at all.

finally, all people are welcome this forum, too. but you should read this entire thread. this "mr. h" has posted here again and again and just deliberately tries to pick fights. most of the time i ignore him, sometimes i don't. it deepends on how bored i am.

anyhow. everyone should ride what they want. more power to you. but bragging that your 250cc motorcycle is "better" because it can beat my 50cc moped is rather ridiculous. a porsche can beat a honda civic. but does that make it "better"? only if you really like porsche (nothing wrong w/ that, but it's a purely subjective and normative position) or you only use max speed as the criteria for "better" (which is also subjective, why not pick color? or size? or fuel efficiency? or ease of maintenance? etc. etc. etc.)

Re: Just so there is no confusion

Ron Brown /


Fred is right about motorcyclists. More of us are friendly than not, regardless of what we ride.

Bye the way, I think Mark, aka modette, was volunteering to take Fred on, not you. But if it happens, I want to be there. :-)


Re: Helloe everie bodies! me here now..

XBrandon EdgeX /

Funny, why would an Asian person spell words in a manner that, when said out loud, sounds exactly like someone making fun of an Asian accent? I mean, "chikken-fly-lice"? I'm not the least bit racist, but I can easily recognize this as racism. I grew up in a place full of racists.

Oh, and I found it kind of odd that Mr. H owns a motorcycle. You have to be 16 years old to get a motorcyle license in most areas, right? I thought this whole time we were dealing with a kid who is about 12. Honestly. I never expected a that a grown man could be that childish.

Re: let there be no confusion

WifeBeater /

ahhh whos starting trouble...what bike do you have? Well if you go to yamahafz1.com you will see I own the site. A simple whois lookup of the domain will tell you that...lol

Seeing as you can bring any bike I planned to bring the FZ1 or my buddies Busa. But if you want to race a Ninja 250 then we can do that, let me know what bike you have, if its a Busa no it wont win and I wont claim it will, same goes if its a 600 or 900cc bike. I never claimed to beat those on a Ninja 250. However if you have a cruiser or a Hardly up to 1400cc those are easy to beat as they are to heavy and slow.

Again I gave my email and you know where else to find me, on my site so please contact me when you want to race as I am not going to be on here again.

Again I never made fun of your mopeds. Mr. H. is asian and thats all I pointed out. I have no clue why he came here, oh well.


Re: let there be no confusion

I never bragged it would beat your moped...hmmm I do not recall bragging. Anyhow it was the other dude claiming to own big bores that will out proform me that misses me off. He assumes I only have one bike, he assumes the Ninja is slow. He assumes too much.

Sorry if Mr. H is coming here and bitching a lot. He seems to say too many dumb things. I only assume he is Asian by the way as that is what he claims to be. If thats what he wants to be more power to him, obiously he has a problem. Obviously he wast space on your forum as he does on ours.

I do not even know why I came here the other day, guess I was bored here at work.

Anyways I wish you all a safe ride.


Re:Nerd Moped Movie

Wayne Broderick /

On 06-05-01 @ 01:56

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