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Hey, does anyone have a old Negrini moped or dirtbike. I have a little 50cc Negrini dirtbike that is in need of a magneto. It gets a spark, but a weak one, just a little jolt. Most others shock you so badly that you're shaking 10minutes afterward. If anyone konws how i can get a magneto, or has a negrini moped or dirtbike, i'd greatly appreciate it. I'm pretty sure this is the problem. Please email me with information. Thanx

Re: Negrini Help

you don't need a negrini magneto. you need one for whatever engine you have. it's either a morini or a minarelli. so you're in luck. those are very common engines. esp if you have a minarelli engine.

contact handy bikes, or moped junkyard, or akron mopeds, or any moped parts dealer (see the resources section of the site for links). they can get you a magneto. you'll probably also need a flywheel puller (unless you have one already).

also, are you sure it's that you need a magneto? not just cleaning the points or setting the timing better? magnetos, from what i remember, hardly ever ever go bad. take it off (w/ a flywheel puller tool) and check out the stater plate and points. they need to be very very clean and set to the proper timing. that might fix your problem.

also, use a bosch platinum 4214 sparkplug (for minarelli, not sure what for a morini).

Re: Negrini Help

the chances are slim that your magneto is bad (it is just a magnet that spins around). the problem most likely is located somewhere on your stator plate or your wiring harness.

1) check the points and clean them. (to clean them take an emry board (you know, those cardboard nail files) and put it inbetween the points and pull it out. do this just a couple of times. then take a clean rag or paper towel with a solvent on it (prefferably laquer thinner since it does not leave a residue) and place that inbetween the points and pull it out until it is clean.

2) your timing could be off i dont know what you would have to do to set the timing your particular bike, but if it is a minarelli engine. the timing needs to be set to 23 degrees before top dead center. but that is just for the minarelli V1. it varies from engine to engine. (setting the timing can be a tricking thing some times, basically you are moving the stator plate back and forth adjusting the time at which your spark plug fires)

3) your could have a partially grounded wire in your wiring harness. snoop around. makesure every thing is touching where it should be.

4) check your spark plug wire and your spark plug cap. makesure everything is nice and clean.

5) the last and most obvious thing is to check your sparkplug. spend the couple of bucks and get a new GOOD plug (the platinums are good, i like NGK, etc).


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