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Well I decided to spend the little money I had and buy a 2001 Kinetic. I only got the TFR. Money is short, ya know? Anyways my question is what is the absolute best way to break in a moped engine. I haven't found much information on this yet. I would guess that getting the engine warm and cold numerous times would be the best? All Info on this is appreciated. I just hope my Kinetic is in decent condition. Thanks....

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Hi,Jess Monster! From what I've read I'd say this: Don't rev it up high on the stand,use conventional 2-cycle oil(NO SYNTHETIC and NO ADDITIVES because you need your rings to seat well for the first 300 mi.),increase the ratio of the oil to gas because of new bearings to maybe 30:1 for the 300 mi. period,and don't prolong any acceleration for over 30 secs. at a time so the bearings won't overheat.BYE!

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I'm not really sure but from the dirtbike forums I've been to I think it suggests something like going 1/4 throttle for a bit, then 1/2 throttle a little longer, then maybe 3/4, but I really don't know, doesn't it come with break in instructions ?

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Jess, I just purchased one, and I am now the talk of the town! I don't know if you have your bike yet, but the instructions are in several languages and obviously were written by a foreigner with no knowledge of English. Anyway, I am using 4 oz. 2-cycle oil per gallon of gas until it gets 300 miles on it, and then reducing to 3 oz. per gallon. It seems to run well, but I've heard that it is better once you can use a richer gas mixture (now, as far as the Secretary of State's office in Illinois - licensing and registering them, that's for another post!) If you have questions, I've heard you can contact a dealership in Pennsylvania, but I can't recall the name of it right now - you can also get parts there.

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I haven't recieved it yet....I live in South Dakota so had to order. I figured it had instructions but was looking for any tips. And Kathy since you have one, it sounds like you like it, What do you think? And are there any add-ons that you can do to a Kinetic to make it look cooler. I'm not a speed freak, motorcycles are for that. Thanks for the posts.

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ride it slow (15 mph) for the first 300 miles. that's the most important thing. don't give it too lean a mixture of oil, nor too rich either. but go for too rich if you have to choose. you can always lean it out later.

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I don't know about any add-ons - I bought mine on Ebay, and right now I'm just trying to pay off the big credit card bill from buying it. I'm wondering myself if there's some kind of basket to put on it, but right now, I use bunjee cords and tie my lunch cooler on the back.

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If the instructions are in french post them here and i can translate them, or go to a translator site. Good Luck !

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During break in you are mostly trying to let the piston expand and form to the cylinder.

Run it at about half throttle maximum for about 10 minutes... then let it cool to the touch.

Do that about 3 times.

Then go to about 3/4 throttle for 10 minutes at a time... let it cool to the touch.

Do that 3 times.

Now you can go to full throttle... but only for short bursts.... like 30 seconds... then back off and ride at 3/4 throttle for 5 minutes or so before going full throttle again for a short burst.

Do that 3 times for 10 minutes at a time. while letting it cool again between rides.

Now you should have 90 minutes on it.

I would say you no longer have to keep shutting it off and letting it cool.

But still don't run it wide open for long periods... back off and let it cool as you ride gently.

Once you reach 50 miles or so you can start going full throttle for longer times.

Once you reach 100 miles you should be able to run it as hard as you want as long as you want.

You should never rev up any engine (old or new) to high RPM till it has warmed up.

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Just put the engine back into a TFR that had siezed the crankshaft at 17 miles. After replacing the crankshaft, the owner rode about a mile and the engine seized again. This time it was the piston, which is what normally causes the trouble. I really couldn't believe this could happen, but it could have been caused by bad fuel or the fact that the owner lives in a hilly area.

We got the motor back in and fixed a couple of other small things and it started on the first kick. Put 2 careful miles there in his neighborhood and all seems well.

The original crankshaft failure had to be a manufacturing defect, as crankshafts seldom go bad. The piston seizure is still a mystery.

Bottom line: Break them in easy. The Kinetic owners manual says use 4% mixture for the first 300 miles, and keep speeds below 20MPH. After the 300 miles, switch to 3% mixture. If the motor everfeels like it's slowing down during the break-in, back off on the throttle. If you force it it can almost guarantee a sieze. Just take it easy and you should have no problems for a long time.

The Kinetic uses a Vespa design, but the quality control. or lack of it, at least on this 1996 model, left a lot to be desired.

The good thing was that the people at Cosmopolitan Motors, the distributor, were very helpful in getting the parts.


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yes, if you run you engine at full throttle for too long during the break in period, you run the risk of seizing an engine. it's a pain to break them in whe you want to ride fast. but do it. just ride around and go through three tanks or more per gas each day. it's not a bad idea. just ride around your neighborhood or some nice scenic area for hours at a time. enjoy the slow ride. by the end of the week, you should be ready to go full out.

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Hi--I have a Kinetic Magnum, and I'm sure the break-in period is the same--300 miles. The manual says not to go over 18mph for the first 300 miles. I pretty much followed that while breaking in my Magnum. I didn't go full throttle on it til after the break-in period. I was very tempted to see how fast it would go during break-in, but I was advised not to go against the manual's recommendations. So as tempted as you will likely be, try real hard to keep from going over 18-20mph til after 300 miles!

Also, I have found that my moped runs better and better as time goes on. I replaced the stock plug with a Champion plug, just for the h*ll of it.

When I first used my moped, I bought Amsoil 100:1 synthetic oil and called Cosmopolitan Motors (the importer) to ask how much should be added to the gas. They told me 2-1/2 oz. So that is how much I use. Before you add the oil, call Cosmo and tell them what brand you bought and ask how much to use. Go to www.cosmotor.com to get the phone #. They also sell accessories for Kinetics.

Let us know when you get your moped!

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Fred's post here is the one I like best, except I would probably take it easy for longer than him, at least as far as not "lugging" the engine (full throttle up hills or into the wind). Of the others, here are some bad things and why.

If you do not rev the motor for short periods during break in, you polish everything except that last little bit that you don't get to until components are bending and stretching.

If you feel the motor slowing down as if about to sieze, without a clutch, you have no way to stop the engine from turning until the ped stops. If you shut off the throttle, your piston will get no lubrication and sieze immediately. If you are not at full throttle, which you should not be for most of the break in, give it full throttle for a few seconds to get maximum oil into the cylinder, then stop as quickly as possible and let it cool down.

Don't forget to check all the nuts, bolts and screws for tightness when you get the ped and after each of the first few rides. After that, just check them when you clean it.

Good luck with the new ped and remember that if you are kind to it, during break in, it will be kind to you for a long time.


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