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Well, while I was out doing some work for my job my neighbor decided to play around with my 86 Honda Spree in his garage. Told me to go out there and give her a crank. So I did. She wouldn't start, he was suprised. So we dipped the plug in some gas and a couple of cranks later she fires up. Had to hole the throttle about half to keep it running. Adjusted the idle screw and got it humming like new. Was getting ready to ride it for a while and she started to try and fly off the stand. And couldn't get her to stop until I hit the kill switch. Now she's floating in gas again, is this a problem with the Reed valve? That's the only thing I haven't taken out and worked on. I have to admit, my blood pumped a bit faster wanting to ride this even with it trying to fly. Any ideas would be helpful.


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Have you checked to see if the throttle cable is adjusted properly? If the float cracked so it takes in gas and doesn't float or is the float needle worn? If the needle doesn't seat properly you will flood the carb. Also, if the carb hasn't been cleaned the 2-stroke oil will gum everything up and the needle/float will stick. Is there an air leak somewhere in the crank case or the carb manifold? This will cause the engine to race. Are the crank seals blown? Same situation. Also, I've never seen any mopeds with reed valvues as a stock component (except the YSR 50's). Reeds are a high performance part that changes the airflow to maintain the power band at high and low rpms and are basically useless on a stock restricted engine. Hope that helps somewhat.


Thanks for the suggestions Roberto, it has calmed down now and is doing what happened before, dies when given throttle. I think I am getting too much air so I'm going to clean and re-oil my air filter to make sure I'm getting the right amount of resistance there. Only reason I mentioned Reed valve is www.scootertherapy.com sells a rebuilt engine that comes with a new reed valve, I didn't know it had one. Maybe it doesn't. Oh well, with some prayer and patience I'll be zipping around in no time.

Brian S

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