Registration HELL!!!!!!

How's this for a great day???

I bought a 1975 Batavus HS-50 from a friend for $20(Canadian yet)and he signed over the original 1980 registration to me. Took it to the licencing office and they couldn't find ANY record of this moped ever being registered. They didn't question me since I had the original registration signed over and all so they did a new registration just as if it was a brand new 'ped. Hey, sounds good so far. Now I find out that I have to convert this 26 year old moped to bring it up to current Minestry of Transportation specs. This means the brakes have to work just like they were off the assembly line. I have to meet current emmisions standards (even though I don't have to get it tested - figure that one out!!!), and the electrical system now has to be modified so the headlight is on at all times when the engine is running, as well as needing to add brake lights and turn signals. Good news is the horn is fine!!!! I won't have to touch it at all!!!! I am beginning to think this $20 moped wasn't such a great idea after all. I should have just taken all my time and money and bought a new one, 'cause if I have to do all this to a 26 year old moped, she won't ever ride again.


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Hi,Richard! Please don't take this the wrong way.Canada is a great place to visit! But any time I've needed to stay there for a few days,I really see the restrictive grip they clamp on the law-abiding people.I just wanted to sympathize with you because I know it's really hard to take when unfair treatment comes from the people who should be concerned about far more serious matters.I mean,I go up there and right away I notice; NO radar detectors,NO studded snow tires,other restrictions that aren't sensible like NO guns!DO THEY THINK CRIMINALS GIVE A HOOT ABOUT `NO GUNS'?? So if you want to feel really free on a moped,move to the U.S.. It's not perfect,but it's way less restrictive on law-abiding citizens.BYE!

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Hey Richard, I think the person you talked to had no clue what they were talking about, I'm from Ontario and I didn't have to do any of that stuff. What province do you live in ?

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Chris Robertson /

Hi Richard:

Judging by your email address, I'd say you live in Ontario. So do I.

Trust me on this: your moped <b>does not</b> need to be safetied! I own eleven mopeds and five of them are plated. Every time I go to the MTO they try to tell me I need a safety or I need an inspection or my moped is in the computer as salvage, etc. Invariably I have to stand my ground and insist they talk to their superior or look it up.

I wrote about this <a href="">in detail</a> a while back.

A typical MTO employee might register two mopeds in their entire careers-- they usually have no idea what they are doing with respect to mopeds. Don't let some pedantic civil servant tell you otherwise.

Let us know how it works out.


Re: Registration HELL!!!!!!

Chris Robertson /

Hi Don:

Go easy on the Canada bashing!

Canada is ten different provinces similar to how the US is fifty different states.

Radar detectors are legal in two provinces (Alberta, and British Columbia). Similarly, radar detectors are <b>not</b> legal in all states (Virginia and Washington, DC). Radar detectors are illegal for truckers in all fifty states.

Studded snow tires are legal in Canada in most places depending on the time of year, and as long as all four wheels are studded. Similarly snow tires are <b>illegal</b> in many states (Alabama, Hawaii, Illinois, Louisiana, parts of Maryland, Minnesota (except for non-residents), Texas, and Wisconsin (except for non-residents)). Almost all the other states have restrictions on when and why you can use snow tires. The states that have <b>no</b> restrictions on snow tire usage are Colorado, Kentucky, Mississippi, New Mexico, North Carolina, Vermont, and Wyoming.

Guns are not completely banned in Canada. It's true that you have to have a permit which involves completing a course. Hand guns are out unless you're a cop, soldier, or a security guard working for a financial institution. Hunting rifles, and shotguns are for sale in just about any department store (you need a permit to buy a gun or ammo of course). Most Canadians don't mind.


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Jamie Leonard /

I'm in ontario myself and had no issues - as you say it depends on who you get (helps to bring the guidelines with you I find just in case! They can't argue with their own literature! :)

Mind you am about to go and register an 87 jawa so hopefully it still goes as smoothly! (It's my project bike, am fixing it up as a spare... I ride a 2000 tomos targa lx for my main ride after I retired a puch maxi that just needed too much done to it :)

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First off, I'm in Ontario. So that should help. Apparently the problems arise from that fact that this was a completely new registration. Just as if I had found it in a ditch and no one ever claimed it. I could eventually register it, but it would obviously have to be a brand new registration. That being said, the actual issue is that the status of the moped on the new registration is UNF- unfit. Nobody EVER asked me about it's condition. If they had I would have taken them outside to my van and should them how good it is! Now comes the hard part. Getting the status changed to FIT. This is where they tell me I need to get it safetied. I've been into three different licencing offices and called the Minestry (big help there) and all "opinions" lie in the same place. What else can I say, THIS SUCKS!!!!! I WANT MY HOG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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Hi Richard. I have a Batavus, and I'm also in Ontario (Guelph - ever heard of it?).

Anyway, I went through a similar pain-in-the-ass registration process. I ended up phoning a supervisor at the Kitchener office and explaining the situation to her. She called the Guelph office and basically gave them shit and told them to give me the plates immediately. I mean for god sake, it's a 30 yr. old MOPED!

Anyway, here's what I would do... keep going back and asking different people - if possible, go to a different Licencing office altogether until you find somebody who will just do it for you.

You do NOT need safetied, you do NOT need emmisions testing, etc. etc. All you need is a beginner's driver's licence and insurance, which costs me $80/yr. from the Cooperators.

Good luck and keep us posted... once you get it sorted out it will be worth it, but don't go through more hassle and money than you should have to...


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My ped was once registered in Nfld. So for me to change to Ont I was to contact the nfld ministry of transport, get a copy of the reg (from 12 years ago?).....etc etc. So I went to a differant office, and told them it was never registered for the road. The lady did look through their book to see if it needed a saftey inspection. I wasent in any hurry and did'nt want to tic her off and have em get crappy about the owenership, so I let her look for about 10 min, of course its not there. She finally relented and gave me the new owenership and plates.

If they insist on an inspection ask em to quote the chapter and section of the 'Highway traffic act" there refering to.

Regulation 483 of the highway traffic act covers inspection standards for motor vehicals in Ontario. Mopeds are not in there. As long as your wheels are not classified as a motorcycle...your ok.

Have them read through reg 483 of the HTA, then tell em to hand over your plates.

Chris is right, odds are they have never seen a moped, let alone registered one. You even get a red diplomatic lic plate!

Remember your dealing with government people who's greatest asperation in life is to retire.

With luck you'll have the wind in your face soon


Canada's a great place, just to visit

Dave in Naples /

Don, (apologies Richard) I think your're spot re: the Canadian restrictions thing. I am Canadian born and bred, I lived in Ontario for 40 years + and I couldn't stand how intrusive the government is in the lives of the average joe. (Its a bit like that in all the ex British colonies) So I said screw it and left. Now I live in Florida, ride my ped year round, pay about 25% less in income tax, don't pay any GST (thats a 7% tax on everything including services) and I don't feel oppressed by "big brother". Don't ask for proof.......its just a feeling. So Richard if you want less hassle and more freedom, get a green card and throw your ped in the trunk and head south !!!

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Hey Thanks all!!!!

I'm taking all the printouts of your responses and I'm not going to leave until they gaiv me my plates. If they give me any lip I'll just show 'em what the experts have to say! Hopefully I'll get this done by the end of the week!!!! NO MERCY to the beurocrats!!!!


Re: Canada's a great place, just to visit

Hii,Dave! Thanks for the unbiased truth.You now know what I tried to convey to Chris in a message I sent him.I asked him to remember the old saying; "You don't know what you had,`til it's gone". Anyone who's a U.S. resident knows that feeling. All governments can get `out of hand',but the U. S. constitution has guaranteed many freedoms and rights of citizens and that Constitution is very hard to change on a whim,like;`take their handguns,search them anytime you darn well please,etc.' I told Chris it's a free feeling and you just confirmed it. I appreciate his respect for his country,but no one can convince me of any freedom and privacy advantage that Canada would have.THANKS!

Re: Registration HELL!!!!!!

Right on,Richard! Go get `em!

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