improve mopeds top speed?

I have a 1979 Yamaha Moped. It runs alright, except i noticed that the top speed has dropped since last year. I don't think the carberator needs to be cleaned, but i was going to put some gas treatment in it, but i was wondering if you have to use special motorcyle or moped treatment, or can you just use a cars gas treatment? The piston and rings are all fine, and the air filter i just cleaned. Can you help me improve the top speed? Without modifiying the engine. Thanks

Re: improve mopeds top speed?

Chris Robertson /

If you've done the obvious maintenance (i.e. cleaned your air filter, checked your tire pressure), you're going to have to fiddle with the engine to improve your performance.

<b>Definitely</b> clean the carburetor if you haven't already. This is a task that comes with owning a moped. Carburetors need to be cleaned regularly --gas additives won't clean a clogged carb.

I <b>do</b> put a small amount of liquid (Wynn's) carb cleaner in every tank of gas to help offset the carb becoming dirty, however.


Re: improve mopeds top speed?

Hi! Also,you may have to de-carbonize the exhaust.Carbon at the intake and especially exhaust ports and muffler robs you of power.Make sure something simple like a brake isn't sticking or dragging,because it's often overlooked.That happened to me on a long trip a week or so ago and I was glad I had my tools with me on the road.A little 50cc engine won't stand up to a little brake shoe drag without loss of speed.BYE!

Re: improve mopeds top speed?

Improve the top speed without modifying the engine/drivetrain?

Let me know if you ever figure out how to do that one.

Riding with a tailwind or downhill or off a cliff are the only ways I know to do that.

Off a cliff will get the highest speeds possible... gar on teed.

Oh... and... clean your carb.

Re: improve mopeds top speed?

If you can keep the riders weight down to about 40lbs..........

Re: improve mopeds top speed?

Good point,Rob! I've only got to lose a couple hundred or so!

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