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Hi, everybody. I don't currently own a moped, but I hope to buy one before the month is out. I am having a hard time finding moped reviews. I am interested in buying a new (not used) model and have been looking hard at the Derbi Revolution. I've also seen one that's called the Mantis II -- very funky looking, which kind of appeals to me! Unfortunately, it doesn't appear that there are any moped dealers in my area (except for Honda), so I'm not able to take any test drives or anything like that to get a feel for these bikes. (I live in S. Texas.) Can any of you give me your thoughts on the characteristics of the different models out there and why one particular model might be better than another. I'm hoping to stick to the $1500-$1700 price range. Also, I am an adult weight 185 lbs. Is there a particular model better suited for my size? Thanks in advance for any advice you can give!

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Reeperette /

Well, a couple of suggestions.

Tomos or Puch is a good bet on parts availability, although (now) I will include Minarelli engine-models as a close second there.

For Frame Endurance, tho...Tomos or Puch....Kinetic as an outside shot, maybe.

Tomos is a real solid moped, but pricey and difficult to work on..high quality at a high price, more or less....and they have a top-tank for a more "motorcyclish" look, which most ped-pushers hate, but I happen to like.

Puch is also dead solid, a little cheaper and not so hard to work on, and parts are almost as easy to come by as Tomos.

Both of those also have upgrade kits (although 60/70cc is not reccommended) like performance exhaust, bigger carbs, sprockets, that kind of thing.

The Kinetic is a nice outside shot, runs about $600 new-in-box...but due to no real quality control on the assembly line, break-in for it is'll have messed up or missing parts, and have to treat it with kid gloves for about 300 miles.

After that it's a fairly solid machine, and you have fair parts availability, and a few upgrades for it.

Minarelli engines come on many 'peds, tons of which you can find used, of various quality otherwise, in your price range...and they are dead-simple to repair, with a fairly wide availability of parts.

I would stay away from the the looks of it you'd have to disassemble it to work on it, although it does look Minarelli powered...that and they say no upgrade parts are available for it.

Derb is nice, but I am not so familiar with them, and I do know it's a bitch to get parts for'd have to ask around...for a beginner, I'd say steer clear.

My that if you are going to buy new, and a 1st ped for a new rider...go with Puch or Tomos, after checking local parts availability.

And of course, feel free to drop back in and let us know what you bought and how she runs, ok ? or if you want more advice.


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It's too bad that is gone because they had a section full of reviews, anyway check out and look at the hero puch mopeds, if I was getting a new ped I would definitely go with the puch turbo sport, it looks awesome, and you can get it with a 65 cc engine but that may make it legally a motorcycle in your area so look into that. It reminds me of the mid 80's puch austro daimler peds that I think Ree had. Also don't overlook the Avanti, especially the "Auto Power", I've heard nothing but good things about them. I think Ken on this site has one, but I think a different model...I know puch also makes the "Korado" which I know you can get at, you'd have to have it shipped from New Jersey to Texas though....Anyway good luck with whatever you choose !

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Hi,Wacky Jacky! I like the look of that new top-tank model Tomos has called I think,THE CLASSIC,but it's a limited edition and might be gone.Just take this advice if you want:Whatever you buy,make sure it's big enough for you and has a big ,motorcycle style seat.Comfort is everything if you're like me and take long trips.Now the AVANTI line has a nice looking top tank for 1100.00 or so and they're big bikes with tough tires.I just don't like the look of the Derbis.BYE!

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WackyJacky1 /

Thanks for all the advice so far! It's given me a lot to think about and compare. So far I'm liking either the Hero-Puch Turbosport or Automatic, the Tomos Sprint, or the Avanti Autopower. Keep those suggestions coming, though, 'cause the more info I can round up, the better I'll feel about my selection!

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i've heard (and seen) good things about the avanti. it's a new moped. also much cheaper than tomos. it's the old garelli design, so pretty simple to work on (compared to the others).

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Moby was right, I do have an Avanti Autopower and so far it has been solid. I did mention somewhere that if I were ordering it again I would consider the Avanti Kobra. It has blnkers standard and 2 mirrors instead of one, and what looks like a better seat, although the Autopower seat is pretty good. The last I knew they were $829 and $995 at Steves Moped.

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Miniengine /

I test drove a Tomos, Puch, and Avanti. I rode away on the Avanti. The Tomos and Puch look better, but for a solid little ride I prefered the Avanti. The Tomos seemed to have a tinny ride to it almost like they used lighter guage steel for the stampings. The Puch was a good performer and seemed better at handling my weight load. The Avanti is 30% bigger and felt better to ride and seemed like the most solid ride out of the three. I think taller people would also like the feeling of sitting taller in the saddle. The rear brakes are also bigger then the standard moped and it comes with motorcycle type tires. The single chain system and the motorcycle type rear tire mounting is also a plus in my opion. I chose the single speed model because it has a higher top end then it's two speed cousin. The twin jet carb., primary and secondary jet, really adds to the performance. The finish on the Avanti leaves a little to be desired though. They should hire a new paint department. I noticed on the higher end Avanti's that the fiber glass headlight cover was really rough looking. I couldn't deal with looking at the tiger hair business end of the headlight cover for miles on end. The low end Avanti single speed can be had for $699.

If at all possible test drive them. Discriptions and pictures don't do them justice because in the end it's the ride that counts. I never thought that I'd be swayed from the Tomos and Puch line, but the ride proved me wrong. All the plastic parts in the world don't make up for the feeling of a solid ride.


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Miniengine /

I just looked at the title to my Avanti and the importer of this moped is:

J&J Sales, Inc.

Glendale, AZ 85301

Try finding their phone number to see if there is a dealer near you.


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Wayne Broderick /

I love my Targa, and I've been told be a dealer that the mantis (and mantis II) was junk

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I'm looking at the Avanti mopeds also, I have a few dealers in my state that carries them....I haven't seen any for $699,where is that deal at ?? I've seen alot of low price quotes on these forums that when you actually contact dealers you can't get near the low price stated...

I like the looks of the Avanti and not so much the plastic look of Tomos, but a Biturbo exhaust is available for the Tomos, making it able to keep up with traffic... is any such Biturbo exhaust available for the Avanti ? And what speeds can be expected for the Avanti ? On a couple of roads I have to ride, if you don't do 40mph you can get shoved off the road, so speed is a survival issue and not so much a macho one :) I'm looking at scooters too but so far the prices are double or triple of the mopeds and the moped might be the better way to go...

I already have an old Puch Maxi, it can do about 25mph and I don't want to alter it just yet.I'm just looking for a quicker one to get to work on.. thanks !

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