I get it :-)

SteelToad /

Ok, I've been here reading a lot and posting a little, and thoroughly enjoying the

message board here. This weekend I got to swarm with some other moped'ers

for the first time. Way Too Cool. As I've mentioned before, I live in Delaware, and

there are no other functional mopeds in my area, hell scooters are rare enough

to come across here. Well with the Nascar race at Dover Downs this weekend,

a lot of the race fans bring their peds to navigate the crowds. I couldn't pass up the

opprotunity. Went out riding and first ped I passed was a Targa going the opposite

direction, honking his "aflac duck" horn. Later in the night, I was sitting at the

local grocery store, when approached by about 6 guys on peds, admiring the

shiny BiTurbo, and asking how fast, etc.. Gave a little demonstration, including

a small wheelie, and proof that it would in fact go 50. Rode around with these

guys for about a half hour, picking up straglers as we went, ending up with about

15 peds in all. Being the fastest and the loudest ped in the bunch only added to

the fun. Rode by one bunch of drunks (out of several) when somebody yelled out

"look out, it's a moped gang". A burst of gas and an impressive/scary wheelie

drew as much applause as laughter. I've got to say, I get the whole swarming thing

now, and you guys are lucky to have friends to ride with.

Re: I get it :-)

Impressive!! What is this beast you're riding?

Re: I get it :-)

Reeperette /

Rock on, I used to give the guys at Heyser fits with my Bullet...till we "borrowed" the track to race theirs against mine for 3 laps, and I walked away with $150 of their money....

Heh, those three were definately hooked, after that.


Re: I get it :-)

SteelToad /

2000 Tomos Sprint, 70cc, BiTurbo, 27 Sprocket, Amal carb (finally adjusted right)

Re: I get it :-)

There is nothing like riding around with 15 or twenty people. you really do own the streets.


moped army

swarm and destroy

"we own the streets"

Re: I get it :-)

glad you got to feel what a swarm is like. intense and fun. i love that feeling. it's my favorite thing about mopeds.

swarm and destroy!

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