Tomos Smoking....

I have a 1985 Tomos Golden Bullet that smokes alot, it has the automatic oil injection. but it seems to smoke alot. Any Ideas? It has a A3 engine.



Re: Tomos Smoking....

Reeperette /

Clean the exhuast...two strokes tend to leave a lot of gunk in the exhaust, and on a long run, with a lot of built-up crud in there, it does tend to produce a lot of smoke, especially when you first fire it up.


Re: Tomos Smoking....

Along with what Ree said,you can also take the moped on some runs after filling it to the brim.(fill both the oil tank and the gas tank)after 100 miles or so,do an exact measurement of the refill amounts it takes.Then do the math! You'll know then if you're injecting too rich an amount! BYE!

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