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Simon King /

can someone from California verify what i already know is a lie? it seems that this guy is selling a Tomos on ebay and saying that it is treated like a bicycle and doesn't need a license, and can be riden on the sidewalk.

<a href=""; target="_blank">here is the auction</a>.

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hey, straight out of san diego, I got jacked by a cop because the CA laws are really confusing. vehicle code (406a) is a moped, vehicle code (406b) is a bicycle with an engine, and they have two completely different requirements. I'll tell the guy, but we'll see if he listens.


Re: CA Moped Laws

Chris Robertson /

It really irks me when people put mopeds up for sale on EBay and make ludicrous blanket statements like:

"You don't need a driver's license",

"No title required",

"No minimum age",

"No helmet required",

"No insurance required",

"You can ride one even if your license has been suspended",

"Not subject to drinking and driving laws",


Sure <b>some</b> states might not regulate some of these things, but we all know that these "facts" don't apply <i>everywhere</i>.

There is a lot of misinformation and misunderstanding and blatant lying going on about mopeds.


Re: CA Moped Laws

Reeperette /

Not only that, the Blue Book don't even have a value for a 76 Tomos - closest match is an 86 Tomos and that being $440 (perfect) estimation of this vehicles value is between $220-$350

The Bidding being at $250.22 with "Reserve not met yet" prolly means this jerk wants a lot more than actual value, no surprise.

If it downshifts on an uphill, it's got either engine or transmission problems, and the front tire looks to be flat, imop this thing has not been ridden, but rather has rotted in the garage for a significant period of also does not look ridden, from the pictures.

That means anyone buying it will have to do a full fluid change, clean and check the brakes, possibly repack the rear wheel bearings...and most definately replace a pair of badly dry-rotted tires.

It's worth about $250, and that's it.


Re: CA Moped Laws

And Ree!That goes without sayin' a full reinforcin' with armor and CO2 machine guns !

Re: CA Moped Laws

Hang on a sec guys, I remember Jim C. who posts regularly on this site talking about registering a moped for 6 bucks for life, by registering it as a motorized bicycle. He said the people at the dmv are so clueless that you fill out a form, pay your six bucks and that's it. Maybe he can enlighten us about this...

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when i bought my moped in CA, the title had a small form that I filled out and sent to DMV with a $5 check. It's now registered to me for life. Is it different for anyone else out there?

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The a**hole emailed me back, here's what he said:

(i gave him a good reply though I'm not going to post that here...)

----- Original Message -----

From: <>

To: <>

Sent: Sunday, June 03, 2001 11:24 PM

Subject: Question for seller -- Item #1151760089

Dear "mrspidy",

Trust me, I know the laws in CA, you do need a class M2 license to

ride a

moped in california. You also need a DOT certified helmet and


If you read the hand book carefully it will say this under vehicle code

(406a), not VC(406b), which is a motorized bicycle. Please change the

information listed on your sell. Thanks.


That is true for moped that

A. either has no pedals and

B. engine size is greater than 50cc

C. is governed to 30 mph of a flat surface

My bike meets all of the requirements.

You need to read the real law not the hand book.

The handbook only generalizes the total law.

This information was provided to my from the DMV web site.

Not the Book Has you have read.

No class M2 license req.

No insurance Req.

No Helmet if your over 18

You better do your homework if your going to give people advice.


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I know a guy who bought a new Tomos from a dealer in California and he registered it, paid $6, has no registration tags, and he says the plate is good for as long as he owns the moped. He commutes on it so he and his wife only have one car between them and they save $$$!


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OK. Once more...

A moped or motorized bicycle is any bicycle with a motor attached, that has a displacement of 50CC or less, 2HP max, has an automatic transmission and pedals for human propulsion.

You must wear a helmet as it is a motor vehicle. The 18 and over law is for BICYCLE riders.

You must register it with the famous motorized bicycle plate for six bucks.

You need to have the minimum of a car drivers license or learners permit. you can ride a moped in a Class2 bicycle lane, which is a lane on the right side of a roadway marked off for bicycles. You cannot operate a moped on a Class 1 bikeway, which is a dedicated roadway for bicycles and pedestrians.

You do need insurance, but the law is not too clear on it.

Don't rely on a sellers' statements when interpreting the law. The judge won't accept "But the seller told me that..."

Get caught without a helmet on a motorized bicycle, motor-driven cycle, or motorcycle in the Golden State and it's a 200 buck fine.

I reasearched all this stuff myself when i couldn't get a straight answer from the DoDoes at DMV.

Jim C.

Re: CA Moped Laws

yeah, i found out the hard wayabout the laws specifically. but the seller is being a jackass about it, i would like to hurt him with my DOT certified helmet, but I'll refrain.

Re: CA Moped Laws

here is the cal. DMV web site page I guess he can't read

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