Question from a Moped Novice

"Do ALL mopeds have pedals?<br>I was wondering because some are either <br>pedal-start or kick-start.<p>Dale, a moped novice"

Mopeds vs Nopeds.

": Do ALL mopeds have pedals?<br>: I was wondering because some are either <br>: pedal-start or kick-start.<p>: Dale, a moped novice<p>When Mopeds were Mopeds, yes, they all had pedals- hence the name. Since that time, however, some manufacturers have had optional kick starters, or optional pedals. In general, the ones with kick starters are usually still considered mopeds if there is an equivalent model with pedals, or if they ""look like a moped"". This is frequently a point of discussion/disagreement with some models, as to whether they are true mopeds, or scooters. The typical distinction involves the size of the wheels and tires, and whether it ""looks"" like a scooter (i.e. vespa) or ""looks"" like a moped (i.e. PUCH, Tomos)."

Re: Mopeds vs Nopeds.

"The so-called ""look"" has mostly nothing to do with it. In order to register a vehicle as a moped and not a motorcycle, (in certain provinces of Canada, for example)it must have working pedals. Other pre-requisites include less than 50cc's, and no manual gearbox.<br>"

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