Speed on 88 razz

Andy DeHaan /

I have a 88 yamaha razz I need to know how to make it go faster heres what I did so far- I drilled into my exust which did nothing but give me a loud moped, then I boored out my engine head just a little that give me about 2 miles more. but I have friends with faster mopeds like a zuma that goes 45 and a spree that gos 34 and a express that goes 35 and 2 elites that go 32 and 36.

I need to get more speed please help me


Re: Speed on 88 razz

I have an 88 razz, (thats funny) but anyways mine will only go 30 on flat ground. the only thing You can do to go faster is get a different scooter. Or switch to mopeds if you want too. Razzs are made to be especially good on gas & More legal than most mopeds. How fast can you go? May be your carb is dirty, not getting enough gas, air? could be alot of things but I think that it is because its a razz.

Re: Speed on 88 razz

Andy! GET A MOPED!Sell that Razz to a senior citizen with bad eyesight.NOW!

Re: Speed on 88 razz

A razz is a mped and I just bought it and I dont want another moped because its to much hasel.

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