Spark plug

"I just bought a Champion plug for my moped. I'm afraid to use it for fear of overheating. My old plug is a Bosch with a thermal value of 175. Does anyone know where I can find out what the thermal value of this plug is? It's a Champion Motorcycle plug, #L86C. Thanks."

Re: Spark plug

My puch Maxi is suposed to have a bosch on it but I think those are british or scotch or hindi or somthing. I haven't found any bosches around. I just use a champion (the right size). And I don't know what the conversion is. i just use the size champion that came with the bike.<p>

Re: Spark plug

"Plug specs are different everywhere. My original mobylette manual specifies a NGK BR5HS, the Haynes manual says Champion L86 or NGK B5HS. <br>Gaps are different in the plugs too!<br>I was lucky enough to find the original manufacturer plug at a Canadian Tire store!<br>Can't help you on the heat info, sorry.<p>"

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