Capt. Rye strikes again

jess_monster /

This time he wants $1500 for a Honda Passport. Sure it looks nice but 1500? Heres the link

Re: Capt. Rye strikes again

Reeperette /

Kelly Blue Book Value for a "Mint" 1982 Honda C70 Passport.

Actual Retail (Max) $740.00

This guy is nutz.


Re: Capt. Rye strikes again

Chris Robertson /

The good Captain just doesn't get it.


Re: Capt. Rye strikes again

Simon King /

Do you know of a decent online site where you can look up blue book values on mopeds, or did you look that up in the actual book? I'd love to be able to just do quick seraches for that sort of thing.

Re: Capt. Rye strikes again

Yeah simon, its Its a good site. but anyways yeah this guy is crazy? That has to be close to the New Price, doesnt it??

kelly blue book

the kelly blue book doesn't seem to have too many mopeds on it, except asian ones. at least nothing for minarelli 1977. too bad. i was curious to see what my moped is worth. though i wouldn't part w/ her for anything less than $50,000. which no one would offer ... or else i'd ask for more.


Turbo Passport /

I am thinking very seriously of buying a Honda C70 passport for $250. Good deal? I think it is. I used to have an 85 Trac Clipper that was beautiful maroon but the engine was poo. Well my friends are all buying old motorcycles and building Cafe Racers out of them. My friend is buying a 350 Cafe from a guy across town for $1200 and my other friend has a 75 CB 125 that he is converting to a Cafe racer. Well this is dope and all, but there is just nothing like a scooter or a moped and the style that it has. HElp me defend myself. Email me and let me know. I want to be in your ranks!


Re: randomness

Hi,Turbo! If that thing runs and doesn't have over 8000 or so miles,it's a GREAT DEAL!!! Even if it has more miles,if it runs decently you can't go wrong.You could part it ut on e-bay and double your money,most likely.BYE!

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