Is Leo-vinci worth it?

I've been on the phone to, they said I could get a Biturbo for $60 or a leovinci for something like $70-75. (they were out of stock on both).

Do you think that the extra $10 or

Re: Is Leo-vinci worth it?

i have a polini exhaust, but a moped army member has a leo vinci. no complaints from him. not sure if it's worth the extra money (not sure of quality of biturbo), but leo vinci is a quality performance exhaust. i have heard bad things about biturbo ... but that might not be accurate.

Re: Is Leo-vinci worth it?

Considering they are made in Italy... you should be able to find a supplier in England to sell it to you.

Have you tried M and P ? (Brit motorcycle supplier)

I have no knowledge on how good the pipe is or how good they are for your bike.

Re: Is Leo-vinci worth it?

i have seen the bi-turbos and have seen the leovincis. the leos seem to be constucted in a much more solid fashion.

Re: Is Leo-vinci worth it?

polini exhausts also seem more solid, in my opinion.

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