anyone know about motori verona engines?

some of us just got back from a long trip to pick up some mopeds. and we found a gem. but it has a motori verona engine. it's italian, but it's obviously not a garelli, minarelli, or morini engine. it has it's own design. it also has an "i" and a "g" stamped on it. perhaps for gloria intramotor? it's a 1979 model, but there are no other markings on it, so we have no idea what it is.

if anyone has ever heard about this engine or knows anything about it, please let us know. we have no pics of it yet. if you know also what kind of engine oil it uses, what two-stroke mix, or whatever, pleast let us know. it's a classy looking bike, and we hope to get it running soon enough for a new decepticon.


Re: anyone know about motori verona engines?

Reeperette /

Send me a picture, I might know something...but I'd hafta see what it looks like.


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