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I know you guys Are sick of hearing my Scooter questions when this is a moped forum, but I cannot find the link the the Jedi Knights Page. But if you want you can help me a little. Like I have talked about before I have a razz (Seems like I am having alot of problems with it huh?) well at least I have some real mopeds, I barely ever have problems with them. Anyways sometimes my kick start works fine, but somtimes if feels as if it is stripped out & doesn't start at all. I took it apart & found that there was nothing stripped. So i dont know whats going on, If you want to help me more power to ya, but If not at least could someone give me the link for Jedi Knights? Thanks Alot


Re: Kick starter

I dunno specifically about the razz, but I know on a suzuki we have it does that sometimes and I believe it's a problem between the brake lever. See just in case yers is diff or you don't know, you have to hold the brake in when you kickstart it, and sometimes I think it slips a little (the mechanism attached to the brake) and that's what makes the kickstart just rotate without moving anything. Hope that helps somehow.

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Re: Kick starter

Its probably a problem with the ratchet inside the kickstarter, that is not springing back as it should. Try oiling the ratchet (the bit that clicks with the kick starter returns) or even replacing the spring. Sometimes just shaking/knocking the moped a bit will help to return the ratchet. Tell me if my theory works! It may be limited to certain models.

Re: Kick starter

Will try, thanks

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