Haven't seen it posted yet...

jess_monster /

It brought a tear to my eye and disgusted me. Moped.org is now some stupid site. I just took a look for a moment. Nothing to deal with mopeds. I'm sad. I liked looking at the peds people were looking to sell.

Re: Haven't seen it posted yet...

Chris Robertson /

I just went to moped.org and did a reload. It appears to be back.


Re: Haven't seen it posted yet...

Simon King /

No, it's gone. If you see it then it must be in your cache. It looks to have expired, and been bought up by a big domain reseller. They buy up popular words in order to drive traffic to their shitty sites that have nothing to do with the domain name they bought.

I wonder how much they want to sell it back for? The real problem isn't the lack of domain name - but the face that it's not being hosted anywhere anymore. I could live with having to go to a different address, if i could have all that content back.

Moped.org was never organized very well, but it was a valuable resource. Hopefully he'll find a new domain soon and get back online.

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