starting/warming up on a center stand?

I am concidering a Bi-Turbo exhaust for my tomos targa lx, i heard many good things about the pipe, but i also hear that it gets in the way of things. and a side kickstand would be better if you had a bi-turbo. So the question is, if i had a side stand, would i be able to start it, and let it idle and if i do use the choke- how would i full throttle it to release it if the wheels are still touching the ground. if i want to give it throtlle when on the side stand, would i have to sit on it and ride it to warm up the engine? Is it easy to start and warm up without a center stand?

any help would be appreciated.

Thank you


Re: starting/warming up on a center stand?

Wayne Broderick /

I live in maine, cold even in june in the morning. I have a biturbo and a side kickstand. No trouble idling, starting or using the choke.

If I'm impatient, I have to restart the bike or choke it again.

I've never once thought "Aw, geez--This darn side mount kickstand makes it harder to start cold..."

That's a great question though-- I think a more significant loss is that the centerstand makes it easier to do repairs.

I've got a 2000 targa

Re: starting/warming up on a center stand?

Having a kickstand ont he side is like having a third wheel. You can tilt it on the front wheel & on the kickstand acting as a back wheel. The back tire should be in the air for proper warm ups If it comes down to doing that it should work.

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