Too much gas?

I've printed, used, and re-used Fred's How to Fix your Moped post and worked on my Honda Spree NQ50, but now I have an interesting problem that I didn't have before. After it ran for a couple of days at only about half speed, the thing won't start, I've got compression, spark, and what seems to be way too much gas. Is there some adjustment I don't know about to reduce the amount of gasoline getting into the engine? Funny thing is it ran AFTER I had done all of this, then put it up for the night and to my amazement, she won't run. Any ideas would be helpful, or I'll just take it to the Honda shop and have them look over it.


Brian S

Re: Too much gas?

gimmyjimmy /

It could be the float sticking in the carb, the float controls the amount of fuel entering the carb, did you have the bowl off the carb for cleaning?

If you did, you can see how it operates and if it's sticking open, it will let too much fuel in. I'm sure you'll hear from the Honda guys on this one, but theres no need to take it to the shop, hang in there Brian.

also, check the exhaust port for crud build up.

Re: Too much gas?

Wayne Broderick /

I can't help solve this one, but my honda express 1978 did this same thing. It was in rough shape and I didn't have the sense to keep it. I smashed everything off it with a sledge-hammer and put it in a garbage bag at the curb.

They did take it away though. I'd like to see the guy's face when he tried to heft that trash bag!

Re: Too much gas?

gimmyjimmy /

geez, a ped-sledge maniac, that's an awful end to a machine.

R.I.P. ...Rust In Peace

Sick, Sad little Moped

Wayne Broderick /

Tragic end to a sick, sad little moped.

After it was removed by the trash guys, it would have been incinerated at the local trash to energy plant-- hand grips melting off...headlight exploding, thick black rubber smoke from the tires.... A grisly tale, to be sure.

So, Brian, keep your options open-- get a big hammer and a 55-gallon trash bag just in case--!

When I tried to register my new moped, they kept asking what I did with the one the plates came from. I didn't fess up, for fear of violating some 'moped disposal' ordinance.

Re: Sick, Sad little Moped


This is just a guess, but try turning the idle screw on the carburator in about a quarter turn, or maybe even a half turn, clockwise. This should let more air in, or rather less gas in, to alleviate the gas saturation in the carburator. That should help, if it's just a matter of constant flooding of the carburator. Good luck.

Re: Sick, Sad little Moped

Reeperette /

Sooo, we file that under "Mercy Killing" then ?

I know a few peds I rode were pretty close.


Re: Too much gas?

Since you followed Fred's repair advice,I assume you have a clear air filter and your choke is not stuck? If so, it could be a faulty needle valve,valve seat,or float as mentioned before.BYE!

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