Unconventional Vehicles (Hot!)

Wayne Broderick /

As you know from my other posts, I'm sort of a gizmo guy. After I saw the forum topics about Leaf-blower powered mopeds,motorized go-peds and 10-speed bicycle motors, I thought I should share some more information.

I ride the moped partly because other people DON'T ride mopeds. I chose "To Smash The Status Quo" in the Moped Army's recent survey as the reason for riding.

These links below are ones I've found to contain the most unusual vehicles. many of which, you talented wizards could build from catalog parts. I want to build one of these, and when I'm older and more stable, I will.

And, so, I humbly submit the following links for the Moped Army Corps of Engineers to review.


"........After several years of research and development, we at Future Horizons have developed an operational Hoverboard. Our unit is much bigger and operates much like a high performance hovercraft......."


"...The SpringWalkerTM body amplifier (wearable exo-skeleton) is the first of a whole new breed of vehicles..."


"....Flying Platform prototype concept known as the "Flying Shoes".... a person's natural balancing reflexes would suffice in controlling a small flying machine...."

Last, but not least-- Super cool "W.I.G." (wing in ground effect) crafts. These are sometimes called flying boats or "hydrofoils"

I'll post one or two links to a WIG Craft site below. There are a LOT of homebuilt WIG's (hydrofoils) being built. If you like what you see, do a web search. tons of info out there on this one.



".....The hydrofoil craft (commonly known as winged ships)........"

Hey-- I sincerely hope you find this stuff interesting.

Admittedly, it's a little off topic.


Re: Unconventional Vehicles (Hot!)

gimmyjimmy /

neat links Wayne, thanks, I really enjoy the new tech and concept vehicles, but I still like my 20 yr. old ped too.

What's your opinion on "Ginger", did you see the picture of the "Mopod" I posted in April.


Re: Unconventional Vehicles (Hot!)

Wayne Broderick /

I went back through the archives-- I wonder how you find out what your state classifies the mopod as. I know the DMV is numb as a pounded thumb

That's a hot concept-- I'm also interested in the next generation pf P.V's (peevees as in Personal Vehicle) things like recumbent 3 wheeled pods and economical 2 seaters designed for short daily trips...

mostly you see them on discovery channel or something-- On 'future vehicles' TV show or whatever. Lots of prototypes get built, but never hit production.

Please post other links to bizarre, cool or unique vehicle sites--!

(How about the link to the page with a rocket powered scooter posted a few messages back--?!)



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