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pipe calc & adjustable header Joe Woods  13 postslatest 01/21/05 12:21AM
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Does a puch dirtbike motor fit in a moped? Will Laub  2 postslatest 01/20/05 11:11PM
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new mod for specials class tomos racers William Laing  28 postslatest 01/20/05 04:08PM
50cc aftermarket kits for Puchs A. J. Souza  5 postslatest 01/20/05 03:14PM
Kickstand Troubles due to a biturbo muffler Brian Justice  9 postslatest 01/19/05 07:30PM
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Ping: Timing related? Brock Croy  8 postslatest 01/17/05 11:19PM
better breathing vs loss of back pressure Lee Todo  13 postslatest 01/17/05 01:36PM
porting for dummies puch Richard Wisniewski  4 postslatest 01/17/05 12:40AM
Dual Carbs? Matt Hollenbaugh  33 postslatest 01/16/05 12:31AM
torque? moped head? Dan Ackroyd  5 postslatest 01/15/05 11:30PM
Ever Seen This Happen To A Clutch??? Matt Hollenbaugh  28 postslatest 01/15/05 07:24PM
TRAC BI-TURBO Shawn Eubank  3 postslatest 01/15/05 02:34AM
Where is this tall gear kit for tomos? William Laing  9 postslatest 01/14/05 01:23AM
i put a bi turbo Anton Kotlyarskiy  19 postslatest 01/13/05 08:33PM
Tomos speed sean  18 postslatest 01/13/05 12:54PM
targa air filter intake M Mcclurg  3 postslatest 01/12/05 10:46PM
Acceleration? Matt Hollenbaugh  11 postslatest 01/12/05 04:42PM
Puch Speed Kits Jake Kryda  23 postslatest 01/12/05 10:49AM
Sachs 70cc kit w/ reed valve Shalerrr rrr  9 postslatest 01/12/05 07:02AM
Ciao to Polini Parts - not Panini Dave Danyluk  4 postslatest 01/12/05 02:24AM
where to get high performance parts in the bayarea Aaron Franzen  2 postslatest 01/11/05 09:36PM
drill bit size for Tomos jets Larry Ward  10 postslatest 01/11/05 04:25PM
need more speed William Grandy  2 postslatest 01/11/05 12:45AM
SACHS PEFORMANCE Dan The Man  16 postslatest 01/11/05 12:31AM
A55 Street, Arrow, Revival TS speed kit IS HERE!!! Jason Jacobs  15 postslatest 01/10/05 03:51PM
what # jet for kitted 03 LX Jr Meza  9 postslatest 01/09/05 10:13PM
Stock Targa Jet M Mcclurg  10 postslatest 01/09/05 06:55PM
!!!WELDED BITURBO!!! Greg Sundermann  4 postslatest 01/09/05 03:37PM
jet for bi-turbo M Mcclurg  4 postslatest 01/09/05 11:41AM
Tomos Tranny Ian Steedman  19 postslatest 01/08/05 09:53PM
Ciao to Panini Dave Danyluk  1 post 01/08/05 03:08PM
carb for 65cc metrakit Alex Lamont  2 postslatest 01/08/05 02:52PM
supercharger maybe? Scott Joyce  36 postslatest 01/06/05 11:56AM
Boost Bottle w/Reed Valve Matt Hollenbaugh  6 postslatest 01/06/05 10:06AM
carbs for puch Alex Lamont  2 postslatest 01/05/05 10:32PM
bi-turbo w/o insulation John Dejter Dejter  11 postslatest 01/05/05 10:31PM
BUY YOUR "BOOST BOTTLE" NOW!! Barry Kline  58 postslatest 01/05/05 01:49PM
K&N Filter wanted dont know which one Jr Meza  2 postslatest 01/05/05 11:09AM
how to tune and enhance Joe Dicola  10 postslatest 01/05/05 10:43AM
What JET to use? Jr Meza  1 post 01/05/05 02:44AM
suspension Ryan Nealy  13 postslatest 01/04/05 10:42PM
air fuel mixture Bob Kelly  6 postslatest 01/04/05 06:36PM
my puch maxi after christmas Martin Read  14 postslatest 01/04/05 05:55AM
jetting problems James Foster  21 postslatest 01/04/05 02:01AM
High performance oil James Foster  23 postslatest 01/03/05 11:56PM
Ebay's TX50 carb question. Brock Croy  2 postslatest 01/03/05 10:53PM