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Evil Steve


Toledo, OH

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Instagram: @steve.schoch

2017 SSR Lazer 5 (black)
1977 Motobecane Variated AV7 (orange)
1976 Motobecane AV7 (yellow)
19xx Peugeot 103 (mint green)
1980 Single Speed Garelli Rallysport (light blue)
1980 Two Speed Garelli Rallysport (light blue)
19xx Garelli Monza GT (black)
1994 Tomos Sprint 70cc (red)
1994 Tomos Sprint 50cc (red)
1978 Puch Maxi (brown)
2009 Tomos ST (red)
197x Motron (yellow spraypaint lol)
1984 Honda Gyro NN50 (blue)
1984 Honda Gyro NN50 (red)
1991 Suzuki FA50 (blue)
198x Sachs Prima G3 (red)
198x Morini Gloria Intramotor (blue)
2000 Tomos Targa (black)
199x Tomos MC36 (blue)

Rallies an stuff:
I know this is a cool thing to do...someone should have told me to keep track.

I live in Toledo. Sell luxury fine jewelry. Live 1 mile from my job. Will work there until I'm dead/retired. :) Everyone's jealous of my chinesium moped.
Also have a 2017 Indian Scout 60 motorcycle for when I want to stop pretending to go fast.
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