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24 years old

Toledo, OH

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  • 1981 Vespa Ciao
  • 1999 Tomos Targa TTLX
  • 1983 Tomos Silver Bullet
  • 1978 J.C. Penney Swinger 2
  • 1978 J.C. Penney Pinto 2
  • 1977 Italvelo
  • 1981 Honda Express SR NX-50M
  • Derbi Variant SL
  • 1977 Cimatti City Bike

Zeros resident Angle of Death/moped destroyer/thread stripper/screen printer. slamming lacroix and whatever shitty beer i'm handed. wednesdays and sundays are basically rally days in toledo

Motor City Riot Announces You Probably Won't Get Murdered
Motor City Riot Zombie Ride
CBBG 5 "It's Alive"

Zeros: Don't Drink The Water
No-Nos: I Built It Myself III: Running Rich
Nasty Action: Beach Blanket Bong-out
Grand Rapids Ghost Riders: Ghost Ride 10mm
Motor City Riot: You Probably Won't Get Murdered 2: Dead Sexy

Ruffians Present: Pitchin Tents
No-Nos: I Built It Myself IV DAMMIT
Zeros: Twist My Grip!

Swoops: Breakdown and Die V
Summerai: Just the Tip 8
Zeros: Cage Rage Gone In 60ccs

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