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Brooklyn, NY

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  • 1975 Yamaha LB-50 Chappy
  • 1994 Tomos Targa LX
  • 1994 Tomos Targa
  • 1978 Puch
  • Honda MB-5

found my first bike in a barn, Don't buy a white bike. Don't put white walls on it.
ground up rebuild on the second one. you've probably seen it by now.
built the third one out of the garbage.

2012: Kzoo.
2013: No-no's, Salute Yr Ports 1. NoNos/MCR Cider Mill Ride
2014: MCR, No-No's, HNRZ, MONO. MCR Zombie Ride, Cider Mill Ride, Downriver Ride, Ferndale Ride
2015: No-No's, Dayton, Nasty Action, MCR, GRGR. Downriver Ride, Zeros/DAM fam Camp and Ride
2016: DD Lexington, BC Waddystock, Dayton, No-No's, FP 4th of July ride, Zeros, LGN, MCR, Swoops, HnRz, GRGR, KMR, MONO.
2017: Ride & Chatter, Lexington, MA20, St Louis, BAKER'S DOZEN// Austin, LGN, Brooklyn (upjet/lslb/d30), Zeros, KMR, MONO, CBBG
2018: ZFYB, Ride & Chatter, BAKER'S DOZEN YR2, Moped Shop Rally - West Milton Oh, Philly/LGN, Pentagrom

Will rally anywhere, if i get enough notice.

Zeros of Toledo

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