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Mongo Zero

Toledo, OH

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  • Vespa Bravo
  • 2002 Tomos Silver Bullet
  • 1980 Sachs Prima
  • Sachs G-3
  • 1980 Sachs Balboa
  • Peugeot 102SP
  • Garelli Rally Sport
  • 2015 Angel
Proud member of the Toledo Zeros. They call me Mr. Seats or Mongo. Infamously known for the PT Lyfe. If Cody Frush and I ever show up to a rally look for the two PTs hatch to hatch str8 chillin.
I've got a couple of runners in my herd. For some reason I like to buy bikes with no motors though.

-"Sloppy Seconds" Bastard bike
-A35 70cc Airsal
-Puch Boss pipe
-Angel AP48 Frame
-Extended/Reinforced swing arm 2.5 inches

-Sachs G3

-Vespa Piaggio Bravo
-cnc aluminum bolt on subframe
-64cc polini 10pin
-grande front end w/ 17in wheels wrapped in studless snow tires
-top one pipe
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