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Columbus, OH

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  • AMF Roadmaster XL Deluxe
  • Batavus Starflite
  • Derbi Variant SL
  • Honda Express SR NX-50M
  • 1969 Jawa Supreme
  • 1977 Puch Maxi
  • Puch Kromag
  • Sears VS50L
  • 1969 Tomos Targa
  • Vespa Bravo
Proud member of the Toledo Zeros and founding member of The Moped Beach Club in Columbus, Ohio.
I've got a couple of runners in my herd. For some reason I like to buy bikes with no motors though.

Custom Puch pinto chopper
-Indian forks extended 24in
-rebuilt e50
-tomos a55 cylinder
-boss pipe

Batavus Starflight
-stock cylinder
-13.13 Sha
-hack n weld estroil
-solo 2 speed front pulley

-Vespa Piaggio Bravo
-cnc aluminum subframe
-64cc polini 10pin
-grande front end w/ 16in Si mags
-top one pipe

V1 powered Micro car

Puch Maxi
-Magnum swingarm/fork
-70cc tccd
-20x35 gearing
-new pucks/flipped gear

Tomos/All state ds50
-70cc airsal
-hack n weld camber
-grande fork w/dirt bike tire
-revival rear wheel/swingarm
-parma kit cdi box
-28x34 (12in wheels)

Honda express SR
-autisa kit
-15.15 carb/intake
-hack n weld estroil
-14in wheels

Puch Magdumb
-Jawa tank
-Murray frame
-rebuilt e50
-70cc airsal
-peugeot ninja hack n weld

Derbi Variant SL
-60cc metra
-TJT vario
-Cranks intake
-Tomos circuit pipe
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