Founded in 2008, the Zeros are a group of mopeders from all over the greater Toledo area, who met through their shared love of these odd little bikes. a few rallies and a buncha mopeds later, the Zeros are still growing the moped scene out of Toledo, most Zeros can be found rather drunk at their mutually rented shop, (we've been through so many shops over the last 13 years! The OG shop, Mykes Bykes, the Beal shop, finally we have purchased our own building, simply referred to as the "the shop"). Bigger, better, but still far from sober the Zeros shop is always a party, in town? Drop any of the Captains a line!

New to the area? Checking out our page? Zeros meet every Sunday for rides and Wednesdays for wrenchin / shop hangs, we always encourage new riders to check us out. Moped meet up days consist of Beast Ice (now Hams, oh how we've grown up!), BBQ's, broken mopeds, good times, riding though parks, and crashing mopeds on golf courses (we moved away from the golf course, but that's ok! We now reside across the street from a cemetery, in which 3 Zeros have already crashed! Wanna be next? C'mon out anytime!).