We ride
We wrench
We repeat
We fuck
We fight
We buy shots
We drink them and we repeat
We'’re old and we're young
We are in the south, which means we kill things, fry things and
eventually barbeque them
Some of us are married
Some ain’'t got shit
Some are always late, but we’'re always on time (ya know what I’'m
Some of us have vaginas.
Some of us are vaginas.
As individuals we are builders, designers, tattooists, writers,
teachers, powder-coaters, beauty makers, carpenters,
lawyers, beekeepers, barkeepers and blacksmiths.
As a crew, we are family.
We roast oysters and build bon fires.
We live in Wilmington, NC.
Our town has beaches.
It has bitches and it has burritos.
It has hurricanes, but no Urban Outfitters.
We have 3 museums, 6 strip clubs, 4 colleges and one mall.
We dig on some mopeds.