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Portland, OR

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  • 1982 Batavus Grand Prix
  • 1976 Benelli Fireball 50
  • 1981 Derbi Variant TT
  • 1981 Derbi Variant SLE
  • 1982 Kawasaki
  • 1977 Peugeot 103LVS-U3
  • 1985 Safari MZV
  • 1996 Tomos Targa
A constant work in progress

hustling moped parts , riding around , cross country, rallies and race tracks inbetween. Jumping stuff , wearing all the gear Working Second Stroke Intermittently, Fixing all sorts of stuff, not doing anything janky , built to last longer than designed .. mopeds suck, only once you make them good do they become cool!

Very sick of toxic manipulators in this community, don’t bother me with popularity contests , you have to judge one’s character personally not by what others say about them .
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