Officially named "FUCK THE SWOOPS", you may know them as Swoop Jockeys but they mostly just go by "Swoops" these days. you may also refer to thems as Swoon Johnnies cuz they so purdy.

SWOOPS are a shameful disgrace. They are a scar on the face of Atlanta. (UPDATE: Also Savannah)
With a good following centered more or less around Little's in Cabbagetown, and also a little place I know (Zesto) they ride every dang Sunday WAY too early in the morning (9:30am (UPDATE: Now it's like 10:30)) from Little's on Carol St. to go out in search of fun rides and dainty breakfast coffee and deeeeelites. Sometimes they ride other times too. Crazy right?

TUESDAY 7:30 from 97 Estoria for drinks and crashes! (UPDATE: 1st, likely everyone be late. 2nd probably check with someone first cuz sometimes everyone leaves from the shop or whatever)

Other interests of the group besides fast mopeds include such exciting things as:

-butt huffing
-bootie bonging

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