"Ride Tonight, Die Tonight"

What started as a small group of friends in a crusty Jackson Ward basement has evolved into a tight knit family of individuals who share not only their common hobby, but the lifestyle that comes with it! Established out of Richmond, VA in 2012, we are the 2nd oldest MA official club that came out of Richmond. In addition to RVA we have chapters in Maryland and Louisiana with scouts amongst other states. A club based on quality of the individual over quantity as a group, we are always willing to help out if needed, contribute to the community, and attend as many rallies as possible. We have begun work on a club affiliated GP team being built, so you're sure to see us around the track in the coming year. We’re looking forward to seeing everyone on the rally circuit. Contact our Captains if you have any questions or comments about our club.

Affiliated business:

-RVA Mopeds LLC
Sal Smog, Richmond VA

-NOLA Mopeds
Zach Smog, New Orleans LA