SHANKS was more than two members in early 2015. So, that will be the date, no rebates...

We started to add more members from being attractive and nice. Also, we like to stand by our bylaws that have been voted on by us. Some members have left in good grace (kisses to them), and others have been asked to leave (they need kisses too). We are not here to make enemies. With that being said, we will not co-sign bad behavior. We would like all the moped curious to have a safe community where we can grow as friends and family. We meet every week for wrenching or riding on Thursdays. Also, one mandatory meeting a month on a Thursday. And, we try and get any other day of riding in.

We do rallies!

We have worked with The Magnetos of Houston, TX to do a every-other-year rally.

We make rides to social events in Austin, and donated to non profits.

We have members in Austin, Dallas, and Alaska. Most of the time we have loaner mopeds that run. And, we are open to taking any travelers out on rides around town. We can be seen or reached through Instagram @shanks_mpc_atx, @shanks_mpc_dallastx, Facebook @Shanks MPC, Email