Branch Review Process

The activities below are the core moments of discussion and voting to evaluate the health and growth of the Moped Army. All active members are welcome to participate in discussion and voting.

Early August, 2-week duration

State of the Branch Reports
All current branches update each other on growth, plans, concerns, requests, etc.

Mid-September, 1–3 weeks duration

Open Call for Branch Retirement
Existing branches can call for the retirement of inactive branches.

End of September

New Branch Submissions Closed
Prospective branches should submit an application before October 1st to be considered.

First two weeks of October

Final selection
Review of all proposed branches, selection of those who meet minimum qualifications.

First three weeks of November

New branch discussions
In-depth discussion in private forums with each prospective branch.

Last week of November

Vote on new branches
Prospective branches that get 75% or more of the vote will become official.

Questions? Contact Simon.