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  • 1974 Solex 4600
  • 1978 Puch Magnum MK II

I'm a computer software engineer, mopedder, gamer, dork, dad, and love science. I find the physics of 2 stroke engines fascinating.

gave a my dad a moped-in-a-box for Xmas...or maybe birthday... a few years back:

Rallies (im going to leave out the scooter rallies ive been to):
HS - Southbound and Drowned
HS - The Trend is Over
WLR - Southern Comfort 2
SG - Cinco De SlowGo
RVA - Ride or Cry Richmond Never Dies
MONO - Return to 50cc (cupcakes) cylinders!
RR - RVA moped community reunion ride and chatter
Buzzards - Pancakes, Peds, & PBR III: Back to the bridges
HS+Orphans: Beating (Off) A Dead Horse (rally)
RR - RVA moped community reunion ride and chatter
Buzzards - Last blast to the bridges
RVA - paint it BLK
RR - RVA moped community reunion ride and chatter
RR - Ride and chatter
Smog Squad - cuts out butts out
RR - Ride and chatter
*RVA* - *Rally name I forgot*
RR - Ride and chatter

I have project Solex. First I'm gonna get it running, then add electric motor to drive rear wheel and make it climb super steep hills.

Puch Magnum, super comfy, great handling, rips up hills
k-star cylinder, treatmetric clutch, lightened clutch bell, hpi mini rotor, techno sidebleed pipe, 17.5mm PHVA, A55 Tomos Sprint wheels and fork

brian solex
myrons mopeds

McMaster Carr! 5552K24 Semi-Clear Soft Tygon PVC Tubing for Fuels and Lubricants, 3/16" ID, 5/16" OD

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