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Brooklyn, NY

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  • 1978 Puch Newport
  • 1977 Puch Newport
  • 1983 Tomos Silver Bullet
Rallies attended:

LA flock yeah
CINCI bomb prom 2 high 2 die
PDX hold my beer this is gonna be awesome
SF gender bender
LA flock yeah 2
PDX straight to blackout
SAC moped rally
AUSTIN year of the rocker
DENVER wheelies and jumps 2
SEATTLE blood drive something or other
SF Ceremony
LA Harvey Fangboner's 69th birthday
RICHMOND the trend is over
SAC moped parade
PDX hot blooded
ANN ARBOR red october something
LOUISVILLE whiskey business something
NYC Come out to play 2
PROVIDENCE Weekend Worriers
SEATTLE Blood Drive Infinity
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