In the summer of 2002 C.J. Biek left his dimly lit Chicago apartment, stepped into a car, and embarked on his journey home to the small city of Elkhart. It was there that he was reunited with his family. His mother, his sister's, and last, but not least, his brother, Devin. Upon their first meeting together, Devin and C.J. both agreed, "The world can be a better place". Just as the statement left the lips of the two brothers a glorious light shown from the heavens onto two of the loveliest mopeds man shall ever see. They realized then that they had finally found peace. For now, they were no longer concerned with all of the starving children, world wars, and eighteen year old girls spitting out crack babies like busted open pinata's. For now was the time for the moped to reign and rule the bumpy streets of Elkhart; for now was the time to scour the states in search of decaying mopeds.

Soon they joined with four more: Kristen Smith, a soon to be college graduate who possess the ability to pass a test without cracking a book, Jared Myers, a want to be rock star who has completely exhausted the word "dude", Travis Howie, an extreme sports fanatic voted most likely to die in a fatal moped accident and Jamie Berg, a Chicago land photographer who would become the gang's faithful scout. Hiding out in a leaky, abandoned warehouse decorated in moped parts, they planned for the future. The six of them combined would form what is now known as Motion Left.

Two years later Devin Biek created Motion Left Mopeds (MLM) where he has perfected the Moped Dark Arts of high end custom performance parts, vintage moped restoration, custom fabrication builds, performance modifications, and the fastest moped pipes ever built.

The Motion Left branch of Moped Army wants to make it clear that the branch is separate and distinct from Motion Left Mopeds (MLM). Please contact Devin directly with any questions regarding his company's products.