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  • 1978 Puch Maxi
  • 1980 Peugeot TSM
  • 1978 Derbi Variant
Come ride with the Metal Ponies!

kHz 3 if by Moped 2004

There Won't Be Snow Too 2010
kHz Moped Massacre 2010
Welcome to the Ocean Hate 2010 (First Ponies Rally!!)
Road trip to Real Ass Fun 3 turned into micro-rally with the WLRs 2010/2011

Dead Peds R.I.P. You A New One 2011
CGFY Presents Cannonball Fun 2011
Whiskey Business 4 2011
Metal Ponies Present: Ride of the Re-Animator 2011
Metal Ponies Fall Ride 2011

Whiskey Business V: Get Rich or Die Mayan 2012
Mission 23 Presents: Come Out to Play 2012
Worcester, I Hardly Knew Her 2012
Metal Ponies Present: Weekend Worriers 2012
Metal Ponies Fall Ride 2012

Mission 23 Weekend at Bunnies 2013
The Uglies Present The Big Seize 2013
Peddy Cash Peddy Mutual Retirement Party 2013
Load the Spaceship with the Rocket Fuel: A Worcester Rally 2013
Metal Ponies Volume 4 2013
Pinball Run Two Strokes to Paradise 2013 (Providence > Brooklyn)
Metal Ponies Fall Ride 2013
ACR GKV6 Rally of the Beast 2013
MONO: Slowly Going Where No Man Has Gone Before 2013

The Uglies: The Big Seize II 2014
Peace Warriors 2014
Metal Ponies Rally No. 5 2014
HnRz We're Still Here Chicago Rally 2014
Paint It Blk 2014
Dirty 30 DirtCross 2014
Metal Ponies Fall Ride 2014

Lucky2Strokes Winter Formal 2015
The Uglies Big Seize 3: Rise of the Uglies
UPJET: Red, Iced, and Blue
Dirty 30 DirtCross 2
Metal Ponies Summer Ride 2015
Metal Ponies Fall Ride 2015
MONO Blow Up Throw Up 2015

Lucky 2 Strokes Winter Formal 2016
Uphill Battle 2016
Mosquito Fleet Blood Drive X 2016
COTL National Rally 2016
The Landsquids Present: Skwid Row 2016

Portland Noname Rally 2017
Puddle Cutters Nothing To Prove 2017
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