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  • Gabbiano
  • 1978 Maico
Founding member of the Femme Pedals, an all women group bassed out of Southeast Michigan that raised funds for local charities and non-profits. Check us out on Instagram: @Femme Pedals

Hot N Readyz - Endless Bummer
CBBG 7 - Make Mopeds Fun Again

Ghost Riders - 10mm
Motor City Riot - Dead Sexy
CBBG 6 - Built To Last

Zeros - Wrong Rally FuckFace 2: There Goes the Neighborhood!
No-Nos - I Built It Myself II: Go Fuck Yourself
The Lafayeties - Wet, Hot American Bummer!
Salute Your Ports 2: MidWasted
Cream City Cranks - SausageFest
Motor City Riot - You Probably Won't Get Murdered
Bourbon Bandits - Whiskey Business 7
Motor City Riot - Zombie Ride IV
CBBG 5 - It's Alive!

The Dead Peds - R.I.P. You From Your Mother's Arms
No-Nos - I Built It Myself; The No-Nos First Rally
The Lafayeties - D.A.R.E. to Rally
Bourbon Bandits - Whiskey Business 6
Zeros - Wrong Rally Fuckface
Cream City Cranks - Milwaukee Brewkkake
Mid-West Rally - Salute Your Ports!
Motor City Riot - Zombie Ride III
MONO - Slowly Going Where No Man Has Gone Before!!
CBBG 4 - Back For More!

Ghost Riders - Ghost Ride 7: Nocturnal Emissions
Decepticons BBQ 14
Motor City Riot - Zombie Ride II
Chad Burke's 3rd Annual Moped Community Build and Gather
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