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Stephen M. Fiorenzo

Grand Rapids, MI

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  • 1979 Sachs G-3
  • 1977 Puch Newport
  • 1982 Honda MB-5
  • 1981 Honda Hobbit
  • 1981 Honda Express

Pure Michigan is riding at least once every month since 2011 (even through the winters). If you choose your days wisely and bundle up you can ride year round.

I am a small-displacement motorcycle and bicycle collector. My collection currently features 'Bigger' bikes such as a CB100 (Looks like it has been in a time capsule), CL70, and a long-term project 'Baby Dream'.

The bicycles in the collection contain matching black Schwinn Continentals (near showroom new), a beach cruiser from the Haworth Furniture factory, Typhoons, and a Firestone.

Ride safe to ride again. Helmets are not a fashion device, they are a protect-your-face-from-smacking-into-concrete device. Please make the choice to ride in a full-faced helmet and attend a rider safety course.

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