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Greenville, MI

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  • 1980 Puch Maxi
  • 1978 Puch Maxi
When I was 15, I started riding around my brother's Honda Spree until I could drive a car. I had a "moped license..." but three years later, when I met "Lester" (my husband) I found out that sprees aren't really mopeds. One way or another, he got me interested in him, which got me interested in mopeds. Sometimes, Puch is like another woman... competing for my husband's attention, and I have to lay the smack down. But other than that, she's fun to zoom around with. I've been to a few of the moped army bbqs, but I've never been able to actually race with everyone. My first year it was because Chad Burke told "Lester" and I to follow him because he knew a short cut. Of course, we got lost. I should have known when he had us drive the exact opposite direction as everyone else. And last year, my bike broke down suddenly at the last minute. BUT the races LOOK really cool, especially in Swarm and Destroy, which is, by the way, a really funny, awesome documentary. Peace out!