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Gerah Dutkiewicz


Allegan, MI


  • 1980 Motobecane 50V
Faster than a bicycle, yet slow enough to block traffic and allow me to check out the world around well as witness the pointing, laughing, and gawking looks from children out the backs of windows and other ticked off drivers, my moped is great. She (I've decided it is female) isn't the fastest, or most reliable form of transportation, but I guess half the fun and excitement of owning a moped is wondering if you are going to be able to get home once you've ridden it some place. Those that mock us, angrily honk at us, or maybe even try to run us off the road are unfortunate souls who most likely are jealous that they are not having as much fun as we are. Strength in numbers, mopeders. Swarm and Destroy
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