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Bruce Schrader


San Francisco, CA

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  • 1980 Indian AMI-50 Chief
  • 1978 Peugeot 103SP
  • 1980 Puch Newport II
I've had a passion for two wheeled vehicles all my life. I've raced motorcycles on/off road for 13 years and bicycles since I was 8 years old. I recently inherited a PUCH moped that hadn't been running for 20 years or so. After bringing it back to life, I began to ride it around SF and quickly fell in love with it. I've acquired another PUCH and an Indian and am in the process of building a third moped which will have exotic alloy wheels, disk brakes, Paioli forks, custom expansion chamber and a peppy little engine. I want to get involved with moped racing (although I'm a bit beyond racing age myself) just to relive the days of grass roots racing that I enjoyed so much, years ago.
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