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Kansas John


Minneapolis, MN

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  • 1978 Puch Magnum
  • 1978 Puch Kromag
I like mopeds. I like thinking about mopeds. I like talking about mopeds. I like riding mopeds. I also like poetry, beer, building, singing, and fire.

Bombourbon Run 3
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Motion Sick, Left for Dead
Red October 6- Dank and Kalvin
Bling-BQ 6- FTW
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PDX- Hot Blooded
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Puddle Cutters Anniversary Ride 6
Trick or Treat 2, Night of the Living Creature
PDX- Dear Puddle Cutters, You Suck: Rise of the Penix
Puddle Cutters Anniversary Ride 8
Blood Drive 9
PDX- Camp Cutterjuana
Mono Blow Up Throw Up 2015
Blood Drive X
Puddle Cutter Anniversary Ride 7
Kzoo, MA20
Ghost Ride Reach the Beach 2017
Rolling Down Duluth 2018
Braptales 2018
Rally of the Corn 2019: When Mopeds Ruled the Earth
The Big Dirty 2019
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