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Andrew Wrase


St Cloud, MN

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Instagram: @wagonwrase


  • 1977 Yamaha RD60
  • 1988 Yamaha DT50mx
  • 1996 Tomos Targa LX
  • 1996 Tomos Targa LX
  • 1984 Tomos Silver Bullet
  • 1979 Tomos A3SP
  • 1982 Honda MB-5
Yooo I'm Andrew. Got into mopeds when I moved to Saint Cloud and wanted a cheap fun way to get around. My love and interest in two strokes suddenly exploded and here we are today. I ride whenever possible year round. Commuting, errand running, Thursdays in Minneapolis when my wallet permits, and rallies. One time I crashed a scooter gang rally and took first place in their gymkhana event.
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