We are a group of riders, wrenchers, drunkards, and all around good ol' boys/girls from a small town in South Carolina. We have formed a club around our common love for everything moped. We are an organized group and we sustain resolve though our mutual respect for our co-drafted bi-laws which covers topics from membership to our definition of a moped, and everything in between. We meet once a week to ride and/or wrench. We throw a rally once a year called Pancakes, Peds, & PBR, where we cook you pancakes and pump you full of piss beer. The club is about three years old now, and we tend to rally pretty fucking hard. We embrace the moped culture in all it's aspects. Be it rallies or the message boards, we love to be active with in the community. We thrive on personal interaction with other moped people/clubs. It's what keeps us wanting to stratal these shaky, sketchy, finicky, absurdly unreasonable little bi-wheeled death merchants. You may have met us, most likely have heard of us, and if you haven't, fret not. We will change that very soon.

We are The Buzzards. We are most likely drunk. We do not give a fuck. We forget shit all the time. Expect us.