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Chelsea Mae Gagnon

33 years old

Louisville, KY

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I have 2 sets of canines.
I sing and dance on my moped professionally.
I'm a 6' Amazon warrior who's good with a bow.

DeadPeds Rally - RIP Your Face Off (Nashville, TN)
Bourbon Bandits Rally - Whiskey Business V: Get Rich or Die Mayan (Louisville, KY)
US Route 1 Mile Marker 0 and Southernmost Point in Continental US (Key West, FL)
Bombourbon Run VII (Carrollton, KY)

Peddy Cash Rally - Retirement Party (Chicago, IL)
Bourbon Bandits Rally - Whiskey Business VI (Louisville, KY)
Cream City Cranks Rally - Milwaukee Brewkkake (Milwaukee, WI)
Puddle Cutters Rally - Rise of the Penix (Portland, OR)
Mosquito Fleet Moped Monday (Seattle, WA)
Blood and Bones Crash Club: Reconstruction Surgery for Ruptured Right Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL), Impaction Fracture of Collateral Ligament, and Torn Ligaments - Car vs. Moped Crash at Bardstown Rd. and Beechwood Ave. (Louisville, KY)

Blood and Bones Crash Club: Left Bilateral Knee Surgery - Rawlings St. and Preston St. (Louisville, KY)
Bourbon Bandits Rally - Whiskey Business VII: 7 Peddly Sins. 7 Ways to Party. (Louisville, KY)

Bourbon Bandits Rally - Whiskey Business VIII: The Final Frontier (Louisville, KY)
DAM Riders Rally - Children of the DAM (Pleasant Hill, OH)
No-Nos Rally - I Built It Myself III: Running Rich (Milan, MI)
unOHfficials Rally - 1RiDE (Pataskala, OH)
Motor City Riot Rally - You Probably Won't Get Murdered II: Dead Sexy (Detroit, MI)
Rumble Mountain Rally (Pleasant Hill, OH)
Vandals Rally - V1: All Green Everything (Louisville, KY)
MONO Rally - Blow Up! Throw Up! (New Orleans, LA)
DAM Riders Thanksgiving (West Milton, OH)
Chad Burke Build and Gather VI - Built to Last (Kalamazoo, MI)

Diamonds Dogs Rally - Kentucky WildKIts (Lexington, KY)
Balloon Club's 1st Rally! - Just Around the Corner (Waddy, KY)
DAM Riders Rally - 2 Stroke and Chill (Pleasant Hill, OH)
No-Nos Rally - I Built It Myself IV: Dammit! (Milan, MI)
Zeros Rally - Twist My Grip (Toledo, OH)
MONO Rally - The Blast of the Rougarou (New Orleans, LA)
DAM Riders Toy Drive Halloween Party (West Milton, OH)

Instagram: mschelseamae

Take it sleazy, and I'm out.

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