Represent the Moped Army

The Moped Army is a vibrant organization of moped riders made up of branches throughout the nation. Each branch builds a thriving local moped culture within its city as well as contributing to the larger organization. They often host rallies attended by members, prospects, and moped community members. The Moped Army is not only about mopeds as vehicles, but building a community of friends through mopeds.

If you have a tight-knit, well organized, moped group and would like to be a part of the Moped Army then you should submit a branch application. Each September we look over the applications, hold a month long discussion with each group, and vote on new branches.

We have a long and drawn out branch review process because we try to grow smart rather than fast. Here are some basic guidelines of what we're looking for in a new branch:

Grow first, then apply

  • We’re looking for existing groups that want to affiliate with the Moped Army, not very young clubs who believe they’ll grow once accepted. Please have at least 5 members before applying.
  • Demonstrate that your group has staying power. Are your members dedicated? Are people moving away soon?

Be organized

  • Have a plan in place for handling membership, both new and retiring.
  • Know how decisions are made — how are disputes solved?
  • Do you meet regularly for rides or social activities? We find that getting together at least once a week really helps a branch stay together.
  • Show us your history with photos, video, a weblog, events, etc.

Get to know existing members

  • While it’s not an absolute must that you attend a Moped Army rally we strongly recommend it before applying to be a branch. This is for both you and us — are we a good fit together?
  • If you can’t attend a rally, get to know members in other ways. Drive to a city and go on a weekly ride or email the closest branch and meet up.
  • The Moped Army is all about real world community, not just a website. Show us your dedication both online and off.

If you think your group is a good candidate to become a branch of the Moped Army, then please fill out the form below. List each person in your group, including a link to their profile page on this website, and provide as much additional information as possible. If one of your members doesn't have a profile, please have them create one and fill it out fully before applying.

We will contact you sometime in the September to make sure you are still interested and to get an update on your branch information. Please consult the branch review process for detailed information on timing.

Feel free to email Simon with any questions you might have.

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